I’m a targeted coach specializing in selling and marketing organization development services.

Whether you’re a business owner or consultant, I will maximize your coaching sessions by targeting your specific areas in need of improvement such as:

  • Why your marketing is not turning into sales conversations
  • Examination of your key lead magnets and pursuit strategies
  • What leads you should spend time on and which ones you shouldn’t.

My coaching time is limited, but I have a few spaces available just for you if you’re dedicated to growing your practice and willing to do the work.

How a successful coaching engagement works

Step 1. Before your first meeting, I’ll ask you for your goals and current obstacles, plus any pertinent or background information I may need so that your call is 100% focused on achieving your results.

Step 2. I’ll provide you with customized, personalized strategies and information for your career, success and growth. This is information you can use immediately to make more sales, more profit, and more money.

Here’s what you get:

  • Sessions are in 30-minute increments (via Zoom). Number of sessions are determined by how many you purchase.
  • Zoom recordings are sent after each meeting so you can re-watch or re-listen to the advice and strategies
  • Notes and action steps are sent after each call
  • Strategies and skills that you can use for your entire professional life.

Yes! Let’s do this.

Book your complimentary 15-minute conversation to determine our compatibility and put you on the fastest path to growing your business.